The right breakfast sets you up for a perfect day and at the Bexhill Beach Residence we know how important the first meal of the day is. A nutritious continental breakfast is served in your room as part of the service. Feast on a healthy, refreshing breakfast to awaken and energise you for the day ahead. Enjoy bowls filled with a rainbow assortment of fresh fruits, creamy yoghurt and natural fruit juices. Or sample some delicious cold meats, a variety of cheeses, succulent salmon, cereals, milk and freshly baked bread.

Enjoy your breakfast relaxing in the comfort of your room, or why not eat outside in the open air on your private balcony? Delight in the rare luxury of eating a leisurely breakfast listening to the sounds of the waves, breathing in the morning sea air and admiring the stunning views of the beach. Nourish your body and mind and rejoice in the experience.